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Welcome To Parivartan India | An Organization For Positive Transformation.

Living life with overall balanced success in all areas of our life is main context of this Training Program. 

Parivartan define itself change…….and at our Delhi based transformational organization we added more to its meaning change for betterment.  Our main specialization lies in how we do it.  We help you and your organization to realize your potential through our different kind of attitudinal development training programs. Attitude which determines the way of our life.  In fact life is the reflection of  our attitude. How we see,  it seems to be like that.  Successful people have one major quality of their life that is only their attitude and the big invention of our generation is that we can develop our attitude . 

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Anger Management DVD  

"The Key to success program has helped me to improve my confidence &  my performance as I have won many sales performance awards in the past but today I came to know that my online marketing skills were not up to the mark of the required skills to be the best performer.
Thanks to Sanjay Ji."

 - Rajat Gupta, qmscreatives.com




""The positive attitude development program helped me define my mission, vision in life . Develop skills."

 - Umesh Agarwal, Uplaksh



Anger Management Training, Counselling & Activities  

Setting Your Goals DVD  

Goal Achievement Training Program & Theory  

Key To Success DVD  

Key To Success Training Program & Activities  

Positive Attitude DVD  

How To Keep A Positive Attitude, Importance & Examples  

Stress Management DVD  

Effective Stress Management Techniques, Benefits & Training  
Time Management DVD  

Importance Of Time Management, Articles & Case Studies  

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" Make Your Small Company
A Big Company."

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